Saturday, May 30, 2009

Avon lipstick and lipgloss swatches

Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick: Deep Blush
This lipstick is relatively new. It had a plumping/ moisturizing core that makes your lips tingle. It has a minty chocolate scent. Good color payoff but not long wearing. If you eat or drink, you may need to apply it again.

Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick: Starlet Red
A creamy semi-sheer blue-red lipstick. Great color payoff but not long wearing. Has a minty chocolate scent like the one above.

Twist and Glide Lipgloss: Caramel
This really has a caramel-ish scent!
Really sheer, and moisturizing.

Perfect Wear Lipstick: Coral Reef
This has to be my favourite formulation of lipstick from Avon.
So creamy, lasts FOREVER and smells like heaven.
Only downside is that it feels dry after a few hours if you're not wearing a lip conditioner.

Pro-to-Go Lipstick: Intimate Nude
This particular lipstick can't seem to stay on my inner pout. When I talk it wears off quickly.
Very creamy. Interesting one handed lipstick application possible, lol.

Pro-to-Go Lipstick: Cherry Glisten
I adore this color. Really glossy but a little sheer. Downside is that you have to apply it every hour or so. It's the featured color. Reese Witherspoon really rocks it =O

Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick: Forever Fuchsia
This is my absolute favourite! Pinky-lavender. I love the color. Matte finish. The formula isn't drying at all. It's long lasting and creamy. Sigh. MY LOVE <3

Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick: Eternal Flame
This is a very pigmented blue-red. Super creamy and long lasting. There is no shimmer or sparkle to it. Simple and gorgeous.

Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick: Enduring Wine
This is another story. I loved it on some of my clients. Not on myself. It makes my lips look diseased. It stays on well though, and creamy as the ones above. It's shimmery though.

Glazewear Liquid Lip Color: Real Red
This is an insanely gorgeous blue-red. Makes my teeth look whiter. Great pigmentation. Very creamy. Makes me want to keep rubbing my lips together because it feels so nice. Staying power not fabulous though. As expected with such a bright lipgloss.

Glazewear Liquid Lip Color: Chic Mauve
A muted lavender color. Can make certain skin tones look pale/ill. Extremely creamy. Lasting power is decent.

Glazewear Liquid Lip Color: Tickled Pink
Pink with shimmer. Creamy. True to color. Good pigmentation.

Glazewear liquid lip color: Rave
Annoyingly sheer with random chunks of glitter that spread all over your face within a few hours.

Glazewear liquid lip color: Charmed Rose
Same as above, without glitter.

Glazewear Diamonds Lipstick: Ruby Slippers
Really sheer, but so moisturizing. Great for everyday use. Contains very fine glitter. Like a gloss and sheer color in one.

Glazewear diamonds lipstick: Coral Goddess
This was one of my favourite colors for a few months. It really brightens up my face.

Ultra Color Rich Lipstick: Cherry Jubilee
This looks black in regular lighting. Quite scary. GORGEOUS when applied. Blue-brown-red. Improved formula. Creamy and long lasting. It actually stains your lips =O

Ultra Color Rich Lipstick: Frozen Rose
Very sheer and frosty. Doesn't stay on my inner pout. Alright for everyday use. Not true to color. Older formula.

Ultra Color Rich Lipstick: Sparkling Warm Rose
Sheer and frosty. Not true to color. Not long lasting. Older formula.


  1. Great Swatches! I really am loving Forever Fushia! It really is a flattering shade of pink :)Im gonna go get me some of that lol

  2. Alina lol ! anyway great swatches, realli helpful ! THXX

  3. I loooove forever fuchsia!!!
    Wonderful review!

  4. Ur swatshes helps me a lot on choosing! thank u so much!